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By Timothy Feist

Skolt Saami is an japanese Saami language in the Uralic relations. This grammar provides an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of Skolt Saami, paying specific cognizance to its hugely complicated morphophonological and inflectional platforms. perception into the constitution of Skolt Saami discourse is supplied through 4 glossed texts. This grammar will function a big device for theoretical linguists and typologists in addition to source for the language group and others drawn to Saami languages.

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Itkonen (1916) and was followed by publications by E. Itkonen (1939, 1946) in which he views various structural types of Skolt Saami disyllabic words from a diachronic perspective. More recently, further research on phonological quantity was conducted for a doctoral thesis by McRobbie-Utasi (1991a) entitled An acoustic analysis of duration in Skolt Sami disyllabics, whose findings were later incorporated into her (1999) Quantity in the Skolt (Lappish) Saami language: An acoustic analysis. A chapter entitled The instability of systems with ternary length distinction: The Skolt Saami evidence (McRobbie-Utasi 2007) also appeared in a recently published volume on Saami linguistics (Toivonen and Nelson 2007).

ILL of nouns, require a different vowel in the latus, hence for these forms this general rule does not hold. 5) has scope over the vowel centre and consonant centre of a stress group, but does not affect surrounding stress groups. 2PL'. 2PL suffix, –vʹeted, which itself is palatalised, does not affect the preceding kk since it belongs to a separate stress group—if it did kk would become ǩǩ. This verb form does not form a trisyllabic stress group but rather two disyllabic stress groups, reäkkᴬ–veʹted, where the former ends with an overshort vowel, represented by the superscript capital A.

2003-2004. The Saami: A cultural encyclopaedia. University of Helsinki. fi/saami [accessed 3-Nov-2009]. 30 The geographical relation of Skolt Saami to the other Saami languages is shown in Illustration 4. As will be evident from this map, the majority of the Skolt Saami homeland is on the Kola Peninsula, with only a small proportion on the Finnish side of the border, where it overlaps with the region inhabited by the Inari Saami. 3. 5 P REVIOUS RESEARCH The last century has seen a growing amount of research carried out on the Skolt Saami language, although up until now no comprehensive grammatical description of the language has ever been written.

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